Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Juice?
A: Juicing is a natural way to supplement your diet with natural vitamins and enzymes. Juice is able to enter your system with very little work for your digestive system because it is already broken down.

Q: Are organically grown foods better?
A: By all means. Organically means "natural" which always produces better quality and in most case, is pesticide free.

 Q: Some juicer companies make a lot of health claims about their machines, are these claims legitimate?
A: No juicer has any effect on the user nor the juice it extracts. But, a juicer must be able to liberate the hidden values from fibres and place them into the juice under pressure without loss by aeration or static in order to obtain the full nutritional value of such juices extracted from fruits and vegetables.

Q: What model Champion Juicer is available?
A: There is only one model imported to Australia. Model G5-PG-710 240volt & 50 Hertz. This is a heavy-duty home-use machine, with a stainless steel shaft and is extensively used in the catering industry.

Q: Choice of Colour?
A: Only white and black machines are available in Australia.

Q: What warranty is available?
A: Juicer motor warranty is for three years, an extended warranty is available for a further two years, and the warranty for juicer parts is five years.

Q: Where can I purchase a Champion Juicer?
A: Distributers are located in all of our cities & larger centres and are mainly Health Food Stores, or Kitchen and Catering Equipment Stores. The Champion Juicer can be seen in almost all markets around Australia, both juicing and making icecreams. Contact Champion Juicer Sales to locate a Distributor near you.

Q: What can be juiced?
A: All vegetables or fruit can be juiced.

Q: What else can the Champion Juicer do?
A: Purees, baby foods, sorbets, homemade icecream, softserve, frozen fruit icecream, smoothies and nut butters.

Q: Are spare parts available?
A: All spare parts are available from your distributor or Champion Juicer Sales of Australia.

Q: Is the Champion Juicer a repairable appliance?
A: The Champion Juicer has a repairable electric motor, and is definitely not a throw away appliance. Seals and Bearings can be replaced and further repairs can be performed by an electrical appliance repairman extending the working life of the machine.

Q: Is the machine easy to clean & assemble?
A: Designed with simplicity in mind, cleaning and assembly is quick and painless. Cleaning the machine under cool running water is sufficient for regular use. The machine is easy to assemble , no nuts & bolts, screws & clamps so assembly can be completed in seconds.

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