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Champion Juicer

Cup of juiceThe Champion Juicer uses a unique method of juicing called the mastication process, chewing fibres and breaking up cells of vegetables and fruits, giving more fibre, enzymes, vitamins and trace elements. The mastication method of juicing is highly recommended by the Cancer Support Groups & other health foundations.
Every home should have a Champion Juicer for juicing fruit and vegetables, encouraging healthy living and natural healing.

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Grain Mill Attachment for Champion Juicer

Grain mill attachmentA freshly ground flour is like a fresh juice, full of nutrients and enzymes. The Champion Juice is the only juicer on the market that has a Grain Mill attachment. Flour, corn and soy meals prepared with the Champion Juicer’s Grain Mill attachment deliver more than a wholesome, home-made taste – they’re also full of fibre and nutrients missing from the flour purchased in stores.

The hopper of the mill holds 4 cups of grain and takes 8 minutes to grind, producing 6 cups of flour if wheat. Trouble dust free operation, simply grind flour fresh, prior to baking or a weekly amount and store in the fridge.

The Grain Mill attaches quickly and easily to the Champion Juicer. The Grain Mill’s rugged die-cast aluminium construction allows you to grind and the razor sharp blades are designed to shear-cut whole grains with dust-free efficiency. Twisting the unit’s front adjustment knob allows you to choose between fine and coarse flour settings.

The Grain Mill grinds any dry coarse grain, wheat, rye, corn, oats, barley, rice, as well as coffee beans, soy beans, peppercorns and more. Assa long as the item to be ground is dry and hard and small enough to go into the auger…then can be ground. Oats can be cracked for porridge.

Seeds are not suitable to grind as they have a high oil content, and will gum up the blades. Nuts are too large to grind in this mill and also have a high oil content. However the Champion Juicer itself using the blank part can make nut butters from nuts, cashews, almonds, peanuts, macadamias or an ABC paste. By far the best juicer on the market to make nut butters.

Parts……all parts of the Grain Mill are replaceable.

Great testimonial... recently a customer replaced the blades on his mill after grinding all the flour used by his family for 10 years. He was very happy with his Mill.

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